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Empowering you each Step of the way!

Grow your Business...

When it comes to running a business your staff are your best investment.

Having the right people doing their job.

Many workplaces struggle with finding the right staff or they have the right staff who leave for a variety of reasons and this is costing them:

* Loss of revenue for the business

* Loss of time - recruiting takes a lot of time and energy

* A sense of stop-start to the flow of the business.

With more people acknowledging and having awareness of neurodiversity traits and many people diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and other neurodivergent conditions, there is a need and yes I said NEED for business to make changes.

Why make these changes and invest money and time?

Having a workplace that is neurodivergent is key to long term success. Some of your best staff maybe neurodivergent and they may leave because they are not understood and supported.

We can work WITH your team to create a workplace that is not only inclusive for those who are neurodivergent but also empowers all staff, this can results in your business being productive and even getting to a point of making a profit.

Job satisfaction and Staff retention also save you in the long run time and money.

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We also provide a course for Service Providers who are ready to upskill and learn more strategies and tool s when working with their clients.

Neurodiversity Empowerment Practitioner Training is suitable for:

* Coaches

* Personal trainers

* Nurses

* Doctors

* Allied Health professionals

* Teachers.

* Support workers and more

To learn more about this training:

We work with business' and Individuals around the world... 

Who are we and what do we do?

As you can tell we are about empowerment and working with you, your business, your staff to ensure that you have a workplace that is inclusive, especially for people who are neurodivergent.

How do we do this and why?

We believe in PEOPLE and Empowering them to be the best they can be!

What this means is that when you have staff that are happy to come to work, they feel included, welcome and understood they will perform well and deliver the results for your business, whatever it may be.

Knowing how your staff process information and interact with others in the team and as part of their role is key to their long term success which also determines YOUR business' long term success.

As person who has neurodivergent traits I used to say to one of my managers, my superpower is "hyperfocus" and when that is in place I will ensure that the job is completed and done properly, especially when it is an area I am passionate about. I will do the research and bring as much knowledge to the job as possible.

We believe that knowledge is empowering and therefore we offer services for business to have further education and support in their workplace, along with individuals who would like to expand their current skill set to be more neurodiverse inclusive in their work.

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We understand the challenges that many people who are neurodivergent face on a daily basis and how those challenges can impact the workplace, especially when not understood. We offer workplace education and training for businesses to understand, support, and get the best from their neurodivergent staff. We come from a place of empowerment, empowering managers and coworkers.

Coffee Meeting

Workplace Education on Neurodiversity and Inclusiveness

We work with and YOUR team to create a workplace that is inclusive and understanding of neurodiversity.

Our time with you is available, where possible in person or via teams video.

Creating an empowering and inclusive workplace for those are neurodivergent is a better for all business, no matter what their size.

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Working Together

Neurodiversity Empowerment Practitioner Training

Coming very soon is our 12 month Neurodiversity Empowerment Practitioner training .

This training teaches you about neurodiversity and how to work with your clients who are neurodivergent.

We take you through strategies to consider when providing your services.

We have an application process for this course and prerequisites to be meet.

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Resources and Tools 

When it comes to feeling and being empowered having access to resources and tool is very important.

We have a blog with articles, books and our Uniquely Me collection has a variety of items including jewelery that you or clients may find useful

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