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About Us.....

Neurodiversity Empowerment Training and Consultancy .... 

Owned run by Break Free Consultancy and Jacqui Grant, this aspect of the business is dedicated to neurodiversity and creating the space for those who are neurodivergent to be accepted, understood and empowered to live a life that brings them joy.

Whilst primarily the work we offer is with business on creating an inclusive workplace, we also have training for those who choose to upskill their current skill set in their choose career and learn strategies they could use in addition to their already extensive tool kit with their clients.

All the information we provide is to be used with your current qualifications and skills.

About Jacqui Grant

With over 36 years experience in a variety of roles in health, fitness and disability along with personal lived experience as a neurodivergent person, Jacqui has an understanding of the challenges that a neurodivergent may face.

In her role as manager of a support worker business she had to be aware of her staff's requirements and she developed strategies to ensure all staff felt included and their specific requirements to do their job where met.

Jacqui has present to different business in Australia, Canada and America on neurodiversity as well as health and wellbeing in the workplace

Her books Empowering Me and Neurodiversity the workplace both Amazon Best Sellers.

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